A man after My own heart [Acts13:22]

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A heart after God’s heart 

The characteristics of a heart in a vessel which God shall use: 

1. An apostolic heart [a heart of a person that is sent forth]
We have been seated with Christ in the heavenlies and sent forth to earth for a purpose [a message]: John 17/John 20

2. A daring and bold [confident] heart
This boldness comes as a result of being in the presence of God and being in continuous fellowship with Him.

3. A contrite heart 
It is a heart like the hearts of Moses, Paul and Elijah.

4. A heart of a disciple
It is a heart that is always willing and ready to learn.

5. A right and straight heart
Examining the motives and being purified in order to be in harmony with God’s heart since God’s heart is right and righteous.
It is a heart which is tuned with God heart.

How can this heart be shaped and prepared?

A. Love and forgiveness
B. The role of Bridal love which is having the Bridegroom revealing His heart to the Bride and receiving from her comfort in His suffering [because of her sincere and deep love].

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