Praying the Psalms

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Praying the Psalms

- Praying the psalms is the manna for the spirit
- Praying the psalms and the prayer of the ‘unveiled’ face
- Praying the psalms daily helps us in developing a disciplined spiritual life
- Praying the Psalms has a spiritual cleansing effect
- Praying the Psalms strengthens a frail soul
- Praying the Psalms tears the veil

The word ‘prostration’, according to the original Hebrew language, signifies bowing down until the forehead touches the ground (Revelation 4:8-10; Revelation 5:14; Revelation 11:16). The Hebrew equivalent, used in the Old Testament, for the word ‘worship’ literally means: to bow down with the forehead to the ground.

Biblical principles about prostration
- Prostration is a heavenly worship; it is the way angels worship God (Revelation 7:11; Revelation 11:16)
- Prostration helps in self-deliverance from bondages and from other lordships on one’s life; it is an act of proclaiming the lordship of Jesus (since one would bow to another who is higher and lord over him). This will surface any hidden evil lordship (Isaiah 26:13)
- Prostration is the means by which the body can share in worship (Romans 12:1). It also restores and corrects man’s disintegration that has resulted from the fall.
- Prostration is a mystical partaking in the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus (Romans 6:46). Every time we go down, we proclaim that we are sinners; but then we get up proclaiming that He has raised us up from death with Him. It is also an expression of love and gratitude (1 John 3:18) for Christ who saved us from sin and its dominion and from Satan and his authority.

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