We are Christians from different denominations and backgrounds.

We walk in the spiritual path of the Early Fathers of the Church which is an extension and continuation of the apostolic age.

The need today is for the Church of Christ to be reunited as one Bride of Christ.

The ethos and purpose of our ministry is to re-dig and restore the rich spiritual inheritance of the Early Church and pass this on as living water, teaching and life pattern to the Church of God, in order to restore the spiritual inheritance of the 2 sectors of the Church, east and west; and hence lead to the unity of the Church.

Our main objectives are:

1. Spiritual growth towards the purpose of “The Formation of Christ” within us, according to the biblical teaching (Galatians 4:19; Ephesians 3: 14, 17). In other words, achieving a true “Christ-likeness” according to the teaching of the Early Church

2. Living a humble, holy and obedient life which is deeply rooted in the Bible and inspired by the example and teaching of the Early Fathers of the Church. It is about “how to walk in the Spirit”, again according to the teaching of the Early Church

3. The unity of the Church of Christ, both east and west, as it was in the Early Church and the apostolic age.

4. Preparing the Church of Christ to face the End Times challenges and stand firm in faith being prepared as the Bride of Christ.

Origin and History

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Pioneers of this walk were Egyptian Christians who were called by God to live a Consecrated life in full dedication to the Lord as celibate Brothers and Sisters. They lived according to the teaching and example of the Early Fathers of the Church.

The Lord helped and encouraged them by manifold fruits and the desire of many of God's children to follow a dedicated life to the Lord, whether in consecrated celibacy or marriage, and be a living testimony to God's grace in their generation.

The heart-desire of these pioneers is that the teaching and example of the fathers of the Church may extend to God's people wherever they are so that the Church may be able to stand firm before the temptations and challenges of the End Times, be united and prepared for the Second Coming of Christ.