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The early church

has the answers to the challenges of

the church today

Are you hungry for more of Jesus?
Do you want your life to radiate God’s love and make it visible to others?
Do you long for the church to finally become one?
Then we invite you to discover the heritage of the church of the first centuries!

Are you hungry for more of Jesus?
Then we invite you to discover the heritage of the church of the first centuries!

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Deep wells and treasures

The fathers and mothers of the Church of the first centuries left us deep insights and practical experiences of faith that grew out of their intimate relationship with God. These insights and experiences are wells of living water from a time when the Church was not yet weakened by division and secularization. They have the potential to unite Christians and make us Christ-like and not just Christians, and make the Church His gloriously adorned Bride, as the bible says.

St Gregory of Nyssa
St Athanasius the Great
St Syncletica of Alexandria

Getting started

The materials on this website will introduce you step by step to a more intense life of faith and the deep spirituality of the early church, especially the desert fathers and mothers. They deal with fundamental insights and principles for a life in the Spirit and show you how to apply them practically.

Our mission

Shine International unites Christians of all backgrounds who desire to live by the rich wells of the early Church and experience their life-changing and strengthening power, day after day.

Therefore, the Lord has led us to dig deeper and deeper into this immeasurably rich apostolic inheritance, which is largely buried today, and to open it up as wells of living water for the Body of Christ: 

‘Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation’ (Isaiah 12:3). 

In this way, we hope to share in preparing the Bride of Christ for His second coming.

Formation of Christ

Becoming more like Jesus does not happen by just training ourselves to imitate Jesus – in fact this may lead to frustration and a sense of defeat rather than to true transformation and change, because we often experience that we are quite unable to imitate Jesus. The early church had a very different approach to being transformed into Christ’s image.

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