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Fellowship, Marriage & Family

“It is not good that man should be alone!” (Genesis 2:18) Man was created in the image of God – the image of the Triune God! Just as God is fellowship in essence, so is man essentially a “fellowship being”. However, true spiritual fellowship is far from what we usually understand by “fellowship”. In fact, soulish fellowship estranges us from God while true spiritual fellowship leads us to Him. The same with marriage and family. Find resources in this section about true fellowship, true marriage and true family – family that is called to be the core of Christ’s Church.

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Do we accept the Spirit or Form of the Divine Call?

And the reason behind this was those men who should have received, known, and discerned the spirit of the man of God, David, and understood God’s will and purposes during their journey with David and their companionship with him; yet this, unfortunately, had not happened! The exact opposite happened. They cared about the outer matters only; while, they were totally estranged from the matters of the heart and the spirit. This is a lesson for us as well to discern and to examine our heart and spirit as God has entrusted us with a spiritual walk where we experienced and tasted very blessed days, the open heavens of God, true and abundant graces of God being poured on us, and illuminating revelations given to us by the Spirit of God.

Spiritual Family

As soon as the person knows who Jesus is, that person is transformed from being a dead stone into being a living stone. The Holy Spirit cuts this person off the world and transfers him to the Church. As a result, this person would feel that a big change has happened in his life; he became a stranger to some people and closer to others; also, many concepts in his life started to change. It is a true change that the Holy Spirit does in one’s life. He makes the person a stranger to the world, as Jesus said: ‘they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world’ (John 17: 16); planting him in the true Church which is established in the Spirit. Therefore, this living stone, this person who has experienced the true life in Christ, gets placed in a sort of building, that is, the Church.

A Man After My Own Heart

It is a heart that was humbled because of the many pains it went through and has submitted to such sufferings and accepted them from God’s hands. This heart has bended to the sufferings in acceptance, so, they shaped the person. Hence, he became very sensitive to the pains of others and it became easy for him to identify with them and share their pains. [Paul’s sufferings increased as he went on his journeys; and his heart became enlarged. God enlarges one’s heart (spirit) through suffering. The contrite hearts and humble spirits are entrusted with spiritual power.]

New Zion 1-6

If you are aware of the word „Zion“ in the bible, you will understand that it is actually referred to in different books of the scriptures. But it is a very important topic, especially when it is related to the End Times.

Challenges and Callings of the End Times

If we deeply and seriously study and search the topic of the End Times in the Word of God, we will be surprised to come across things that we have not heard of before. Actually, only the surface of this topic has been touched, despite the many talks, comments and books that speak about the End Times. It must be understood then, that there would indeed be some sort of hindrance or masking of the real depth of this topic because it is one that digs deeply and ultimately into Kingdom matters, whether it be the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. It is, therefore, quite expected that the Enemy would do his best to mask the real revelatory matters related to the End Times. As a result, we are merely left with many songs and phrases like: “Maran Atha,” “O come, Lord Jesus,” “we love You Jesus and we are ready for Your Coming,” and that is all. Of course, this is important, but these are certainly not the real dynamics involved in this great topic that has an impact on all spiritual matters.

New Zion

New Zion refers to this dwelling place which the Lord desires, and which He requests His people to make for Him in order to dwell among them. This will become clearer in the following points as we go further in the biblical revelation.

Kingdom Perspective

The destructive wave (which is the enemy’s plan these days against our generation) is trying to reach and destroy both the believers and the non believers; those in a ship and those who aren’t. Certainly this doesn’t sound strange to us as we constantly hear stories of catastrophes, accidents, fatal diseases, etc, happening in a rate that has never been recorded before. Where then is the expected divine protection provided for the believers; those sailing in a ship? The early Christians used to build their churches in the shape of the Ark of Noah. By this they wanted to say: “we are sailing in the sea of the world towards an ultimate goal but we are always protected from outward waves and floods because we are in the Ark (as the Ark was isolated from the water and not affected by the flood). This should have been the case with the believers in all generations. But what happened?

People of God 1-3

To be really kingdom minded people we need to know God’s mind concerning the characters that are supposed to be in the life of a man or of a woman of God. Also we sometimes read or hear expressions like „man of God“, „man of faith, „man of covenant“ and we need to examine these terms and understand the mind of God on them according to the bible. Usually the basic term among these terms is the „man of God“.

Sanctification of the Soul

God puts His hands on holy hands. God’s holy Hands cannot draw near unclean hands. Therefore, the Psalms numerously refer to ‘he who has clean hands and a pure heart’ (Psalm 24: 4); and also: ‘I will wash my hands in innocence; so I will go about Your altar, O Lord’ (Psalm 26: 6). The hands are the channel of giving. In the spirit, our hands are seen as unclean and unholy; therefore, God’s hand is hindered and is not able to come close to our hands, be placed over them and bless the labour of our hands. This does not mean that we are required to have a level of holiness which is only attainable by those who are totally set apart for prayer. Holiness has different infinite levels. Yet, God requests from each person the level of holiness which is in accordance to his spiritual stature and measure of grace.

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