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Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth means building your inner man, or moving from spiritual infancy to spiritual adulthood, to “the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13). It means to weaken your old fleshly nature and strengthen your new heavenly nature. The Early Church knew many tools to achieve both. Unfortunately, many of them have been stolen from the Church over the centuries, and we are not aware of it. This section contains resources that cover central topics and tools for spiritual growth like praying psalms, revelatory reading of the Word of God, prostrating, stillness, daily repentance, submitting to God’s chastening, fasting, etc.

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The infilling of the spirit

If we understand the meaning of these names or titles of the Holy Spirit, we would perceive their great importance. This is because without the work of the Holy Spirit, we cannot acquire any Christian virtue; and hence, our spiritual growth would stop and our transformation into the image of Christ would stop as well.

Prayer – Important Highlights of the Prayer Life

It is true that we still hear about God’s great work through His faithful servants here and there. However, we are at a time that requires a lot of discernment so that we may not be deceived. There are some big manifestations in certain ministries; yet, they might include some fleshly enthusiasm or falseness even if this was unintentional. There are some other manifestations of the work of the Lord with His faithful servants which are genuine; and these encourage our faith so that we may move forward and refrain from the negativity or superficiality.


This is the faith by which the purposes of God are fulfilled. God reveals these purposes when He finds men of God who have learned to walk by faith, relying on His word and His promises –as they believe them and live them out. This is because if we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself. In other words, He adheres to His word and His promises.


In these end times, the Spirit of God wants us to receive victory over death. This means that He may allow a battle with death that may take different forms, like: illnesses, sadness, and temptations; so that, He may open the insight of the person to reveal to him that it is the battle of the power of death. If the person perseveres in this battle, walking in the Spirit, as we explained, he would then be granted a portion, a share, of the power of resurrection and overcoming death. This is an essential and inseparable part of the preparation related to the end times! The Spirit of God groans, wanting us to wake up and be attentive; so that, He would teach us and give us from the inheritance of Christ who has overcome death.

Do we accept the Spirit or Form of the Divine Call?

And the reason behind this was those men who should have received, known, and discerned the spirit of the man of God, David, and understood God’s will and purposes during their journey with David and their companionship with him; yet this, unfortunately, had not happened! The exact opposite happened. They cared about the outer matters only; while, they were totally estranged from the matters of the heart and the spirit. This is a lesson for us as well to discern and to examine our heart and spirit as God has entrusted us with a spiritual walk where we experienced and tasted very blessed days, the open heavens of God, true and abundant graces of God being poured on us, and illuminating revelations given to us by the Spirit of God.

Creating Spiritual Hunger

We have entered in a Covenant with God. Sometimes, our way of life blocks the activity of the Covenant i.e. deactivates it. We need to repent and crucify the flesh daily in order to activate our Covenant. God led the people of Israel, in different ways, to renew their covenant with Him. This was done through godly kings like Hezekiah & Josiah and also through the prophets like in the days of Nehemiah, Ezra, and Daniel.

Spiritual Family

As soon as the person knows who Jesus is, that person is transformed from being a dead stone into being a living stone. The Holy Spirit cuts this person off the world and transfers him to the Church. As a result, this person would feel that a big change has happened in his life; he became a stranger to some people and closer to others; also, many concepts in his life started to change. It is a true change that the Holy Spirit does in one’s life. He makes the person a stranger to the world, as Jesus said: ‘they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world’ (John 17: 16); planting him in the true Church which is established in the Spirit. Therefore, this living stone, this person who has experienced the true life in Christ, gets placed in a sort of building, that is, the Church.

How can we bless our Generation

We need to differentiate between two different types of input that we should receive from the Word of God; namely, “message” & “meat”. When we read the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit stirs our hearts while reading, we understand that He wants to speak to us and deliver a message to us. So, we receive it in faith and obedience. I believe we are all familiar with this. However, after that, we need to find the “meat” related to this “message”. Finding the meat requires studying the different truths included in the message, pray, and wait on God until we receive the fullness of the “meat” that we can receive during that time.

A Man After My Own Heart

It is a heart that was humbled because of the many pains it went through and has submitted to such sufferings and accepted them from God’s hands. This heart has bended to the sufferings in acceptance, so, they shaped the person. Hence, he became very sensitive to the pains of others and it became easy for him to identify with them and share their pains. [Paul’s sufferings increased as he went on his journeys; and his heart became enlarged. God enlarges one’s heart (spirit) through suffering. The contrite hearts and humble spirits are entrusted with spiritual power.]

Different Levels of Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

It is very important to know how to grow from level to level in the fellowship with the Holy Spirit. There is an old documented prayer that has been founded in the documents of the Early Church about the Holy Spirit. It is a prayer to call upon the Holy Spirit to help us.

Heart: the Parable of the Sower

When the person is given opportunities, one after the other; yet, one does not respond to them appropriately, the heart becomes dull and its sensitivity weakens. For example, some years ago, when we heard a spiritual message, our heart used to respond fervently and with tears of repentance. Five years later, this fervent response became less fervent. Ten years later, it decreased even more and became much less. And now, we hear the message and say: ‘Oh, yes, I know all this; but, I am waiting upon the Lord to help me. What can I do? I tried. I will keep trying.’ This happens because the heart has lost its sensitivity!

The Epistle to the Ephesians

The nature and style of this epistle is different from the other epistles. It is not set out in the form of questions and answers where the Apostle replies to some questions that have been sent to him; or, where he deduces the questions of his readers and presents the question and the answer, as is the case with other epistles. It is different from that. The apostle actually flows with high and heavenly revelations. It is as though the Lord had turned the economy of the evil one that had led to the imprisonment of the apostle into an opportunity of quietness and contemplation for him where he is taken into these revelations and he releases them. Actually, the highest spiritual revelations were recorded in these two epistles: the epistle to the Colossians and to the Ephesians.

She Who is Full of Grace

She did not depend on feasts and temple prayers alone to receive grace. But rather, she collected grace whenever and however she could. She desired to be filled with grace and she understood that she has the opportunity to gather its fragments throughout the moments of everyday. She found these fragments in all kinds of forms such as in a small prayer, in a pleasing thought springing up from her heart or as she rejected negative thoughts.

The Holy Lent is a Treasure of Mysteries

The Holy Lent, as the early fathers describe it, is the spring of the divine calendar; the season of spiritual storage for the whole year; and a special opportunity to encounter Christ who has fasted the forty-day fast for the sake of our salvation. The message of the Lent this year includes the following points: Freedom from fleshly habits and soulish or emotional attachments Examining the conscience and the purity of heart Going out of the self Holy and sweet suffering Infliction or Contrition and Transfiguration

How to Overcome the Devil?

As a basic principle, when the bible tells us a truth, this means that it is practically applicable. Therefore, if the bible tells us to resist the devil, this means it is within the ability of every person to do so and it also means that the devil will truly flee from us. God regulates and organises the relationships in His Kingdom. God is the Highest King of the visible kingdoms of the earth and of the unseen kingdoms, among which is the kingdom of darkness. God is the Ruler of the Kingdom of light (of His children); He is Ruler over the Kingdom of darkness (of the devil); and He is also Ruler over the human kingdoms of the earth.

Correct Vision of Myself

In this series, we are highlighting three main foundations of the spiritual life; namely: counting the cost; the direction of the heart and having an undivided heart; and having a correct vision of God, of oneself, and of the enemy. The correct vision of God includes that He is a Trinity. Inasmuch as my vision of God is correct, I will be transformed into His image. We also spoke about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and the infilling of the Spirit which is a continuous process, having manifold channels.

The Holy Spirit

One of the fathers of the Church once stated: ‘the goal of the Christian life is to be filled with and acquire the Holy Spirit’. We are used to viewing the Son, Jesus, as a Person who came to earth, lived among us and completed our salvation. Similarly, we view the Father as a Person who is similar to the earthly father in His care and love for us. However, we tend to view the Holy Spirit as a power, a stream, or a movement; while in actual fact He is a Person –one of the Persons of the Trinity. Therefore, like any person, we need to get to know Him. We know beforehand that we are invited to a life-long and eternal relationship with Him and to co-work with Him. Therefore, we would undoubtedly desire to know more about Him and discover His character and characteristics so that we may be able to harmonise with Him. The bible reveals four main principles concerning our relationship with the Holy Spirit:

The Son, Jesus Christ

In Christ, we see how the wholesome and perfect humanity walks on earth, fulfilling the will of the Father. We can then do the same. Our humanity will not be perfect like His, but, it will be redeemed through His work of redemption. We will then be able to do as He did, not out of our own ability as He did, but through the strengthening of His grace and the work of His Spirit in us. Jesus is the door to understanding the Father and enjoying His fellowship.

God, the Father

The fellowship with the Father is so sweet and amazing and it truly fills the deep needs of human beings. However, we sometimes have some misconceptions about God which often hinder us from entering into a true and deep relationship with Him. He desires to enter into a true fellowship with us and correct many of these misconceptions that we may have about Him. It is; therefore, important to understand the divine biblical revelation about God. We should then turn this revelation into principles that we follow in life and change our thinking accordingly. We need to understand correctly and apply correctly.


If we desire to live the fullness of what we have been created for and carry out our full role and responsibilities in accordance to the divine will, it is crucial that our inner hidden needs would be satisfied and healed. If a plastic container has certain parts that has been squeezed in, its shape and size would change; and so, this container cannot perform its function. Similarly, God will not show me my full role if my size and shape is changed because my full role can only be carried out through the full size and shape of my vessel.  God will not request me to do something that I am not capable of doing –because part of my vessel is squeezed or crushed! At the same time, I would be in agony because I have potentials that are not released; the areas of these potentials are pressed in.

The Heart: The Work of the Holy Spirit

The heart is the most important part of man because God’s eyes look at man’s heart searching its direction and inclinations. If one is not paying attention to his heart, he can be praying, worshipping and ministering and then all of a sudden he finds that he is estranged from God. This is because earlier on this person’s heart was taking a wrong direction and inclination whilst he was not aware or paying attention; and then all of a sudden one realises that he is in this wrong road or direction. This is similar to someone driving a car and then took a wrong turn. As a result, he finds himself in a different road or direction.

The State of the Heart

We fluctuate in our relationship with God and in what we give and offer to Him; we do not want to give Him our whole heart. Yet, God requests the whole heart[4]. The heart is the essential part that receives the divine gifts and graces. This essential part is not prepared and is divided. I like to walk with God but there are other things that I like as well; and I tell myself there is no problem in that. This actually indicates a divided heart.

Counting the Cost

Every true and genuine thing in the spiritual life has a cost. If one wants to truly grow in the spiritual life and receive grace that would transform his life, he has to be ready for the cost. On the other hand, anyone who wants to live a Christian life without any cost, his spiritual life will be superficial and not genuine.

Different Levels of Worship

When God called the people to worship, we notice that there are 3 different levels of worship recorded in this important chapter, Exodus 24: 1-2: The people should not go up the mountain but remain at its foot. Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy of the elders of Israel should go up the mountain but remain at a certain distance; they shall worship from afar. Moses alone goes to the top of the mountain. Moses explained all these arrangements to the people to prepare them to worship in accordance to these arrangements. The people responded by accepting and obeying the guidance of the Lord. At this point, God’s triad plan of worship began to be implemented. It is full of great mysteries.

Inner Man 1-7

When Adam was cut from God he is not only under condemnation but he lost the stream of life that was flowing from God through all his being. When the stream of life was cut, corruption manifested in darkness in mind, immoral feelings and distorted emotions, paralysed will and every member began to work in a wrong way. So Jesus came to justify us, to restore us to holiness and to cleanse our bodies and finally when we go to our eternal home, we will get glorified bodies.

Inner Man 1-5

When the inner man of a person was grown fully and the tent was taken off at the end of the life, they saw the inner man of the person coming out and rising to heaven with the same complete contour of that person but now the glory of Christ is filling this inner man. It starts as a seed which grew and was transformed to be a complete inner man, having the same outer contour but with glory. This glory was covered by the flesh and then when the flesh finishes its journey on earth, the inner man comes out gloriously to go to its place in heaven.

God’s purpose for us in this time

Do we live as ambassadors for the heavenly kingdom? In our appearance? In our words? In our deeds? In our relationships? In our dealings? In keeping the talent of time that is granted to us day after day? Do we acquire and posses the authority of the ambassador? The ambassador has certain diplomatic privileges. Do we have any of these privileges? Not according to the earthly way of thinking but in a divine way.

Mystery of Sacrifice, Mystery of Gospel

I believe that in these days there is a very crucial test that the Holy Spirit wants to do, so that he would sift his flock. Because the cross has actually started to disappear from the church of Christ and its work has diluted. That’s why Jesus allows the believers to go through a certain test, so that they start to experience one more time the work of the cross. If we don’t have fellowship in the suffering of Christ, we will be strangers from Jesus, the crucified one.

The Third Mile of Love

According to the early fathers, the first principle of the spiritual life is: The person consists of different elements and there is a special kind of spiritual food for each of these elements. A person consists of: soul, mind(maestro of soul), spirit and flesh. We all know the food for the flesh, but we might not know that each of the other elements has its special spiritual food. “I write to you, fathers, because you have known Him who is from the beginning. I write to you, young men, because you have overcome the wicked one. I write to you, little children, because you have known the Father (1 John 2:13). In fact, the reason behind this seemingly unfamiliar conviction of the early fathers is that they have realised that the root of sin lies in the fact that the person has become disintegrated after the fall. In creation, God has created man as one unit that works in harmony. But when sin entered the human nature, disintegration resulted. So, the mind started to work on its own, the soul on its own and so on.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

We often feel frustrated and in agony because we find ourselves being unable to live a victorious, steadfast life in Christ. Especially at times of difficulty and temptation. This fluctuation in our spiritual life causes agony and confusion at times. We often wonder how to live a life that testfies to the grace of the New Testament and that glorifies the name of Christ. Very often in our quiet time in the beginning of the day we receive a foretaste of this life. However when we face the challenges during the day we behave in ways contrary to what is within us.

Knowing and Experiencing God

Do you have the spiritual hunger to enter into a deeper knowledge and experience of God? Do you long to ascend the mountain of worship in closer fellowship with God? Do you know that there are 16 names of God in the Old Testament and that each name reveals an aspect of God which humanity needs so much? Do you want to learn more about the true spiritual unity which is in accordance to the unity between the Persons of the Trinity? Do you want to learn about the spiritual situation of this generation, the reason behind it, and how this can be altered?

Intimacy with God 1-7

The Holy Spirit likes to be attracted, but one of the things that attract Him is my lifestyle. He watches over me for a period of time: Have I really decided to follow Christ even in the darkness? Am I really serious about my spiritual life? When he finds out that I am really the person that has chosen this path, he comes very close and pours a lot of comfort and many gifts. He flushes me with blessings and after a while he disappears. He is not there anymore but still watches from afar.

Trustees of the Kingdom

God wants so much to trust us for the work of His Kingdom and He is so keen to give us all His own enterprises! He even wants to trust us for Himself but we must be ready for this and trustworthy.

The Foundations of the Spiritual Building

As is the case with any building, it is important to pay great attention to the spiritual foundations of the building of our inner temples. We may start to build our inner temples through the spiritual teaching we receive and our personal worship times; yet, it is very important to make sure that the building is correct and faultless and has strong and solid foundations so that the glory of God may come upon it.

Song of Songs

This journey of the soul is like a play which consists of 8 scenes or chapters. After each scene, the curtain is drawn to be reopened unto a new scene which is the next chapter of the book until the story ends. The chapters are like stations or stops in a journey; each chapter takes us from one station to the other.


After the reformation movement, the western theology, tended to teach that everything is by faith. This is partially true because ‘faith’ according to the Bible doesn’t stop at just believing. This theology (after the spiritual darkness during the middle ages) shrunk and focused on logic and matters only understood by reasonand the mind. (Some catholic ideas were a reaction to thistheology). We are used in our prayers to say ‘I believe you God’, ’Iaccept your promises and believe them’ ..etc. However, faith is partly believing through our mind and partly receiving through the spirit. Galatians 5:5 ‘For we through the Spirit eagerly wait for the hope of the righteousness by faith’.

Praying the Psalms

Praying the psalms is a worship that can be traced back as early as the start of the Christian faith and it was a continuation and extension of the worship of the Jews. The first Christian groups worshipped in the temple in the same way the Jews worshipped. According to historians, like Philo the Jew, Jesus used to pray the psalms with His disciples during His life on earth. In the book of Acts, we read: ‘Now Peter and John went up together to the temple at the hour of prayer, the ninth hour’ (Acts 3:1). We also read: ‘The next day, as they went on their journey and drew near the city, Peter went up on the housetop to pray, about the sixth hour’ (Acts 10:9). So, this prayer of the hours using the psalms continued and extended in the early church. The early fathers of the Church had a very close relationship with the Scriptures.

The Divine focus in the five Books of Moses

The problem is that we usually read and study the books of Scripture in a disconnected way, seeing each book or even each chapter as a separate unit. This disconnection or disintegration has become part of our human nature after the fall; everything became disconnected for us. This in turn reflects on how we read and study the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is the One who inspired and dictated these books. He surely has one connected vision/mind and one purpose which He desired to transfer through the teaching in the Scriptures. Therefore, we need to find out this one vision or central train of thought that connects the 5 books of Moses.

The Great Lent: the Mystery of the Cross

I will focus on a verse which highlights the main point we want to focus on this year in relation to the Cross and that is: ‘And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself’. We all know that the Cross is death; it is freedom; it is forgiveness; and many other things. Yet, we may have never realised that the Cross has the power of drawing us upwards. Why was Jesus crucified on a Cross? Why did He choose this particular way of dying? Couldn’t He have died like the martyrs and His blood would still be shed? Isn’t He a sacrifice? The sacrifice could have been offered through various means. He could have been tortured, whipped, and then finally slain by the sword. He could have been treated like criminals and is beheaded in a public place. In this case He would have been in a position of reproach and shame (to bear our reproach); His blood would have been shed; and He would have suffered and endured many pains and passions. Yet, He chose to be lifted up on the Cross and even the Cross itself was put on a high place, in Golgotha. Why is that?

The Kingdom Message

Jesus wants to come and literally dwell inside us. For that same purpose Paul was labouring in prayer on behalf of the believers to have Jesus dwell in them. We need to prepare a place in our souls (which is the special home of Christ) For Him to come and dwell. This means taking the matter of sanctification more seriously in our spiritual walk. It means a life of daily repentance and a life of obeying the Word of God circumspectly.

Spiritual Disciplines

As we continue to follow these spiritual disciplines, we notice that our souls are broadened and sanctified; our minds are renewed; and the Holy Spirit overflows inside us filling our vessels with renewed filling and not just a one off experience of being filled by the Spirit. As a result, we become witnesses for Christ for the glory of His name (Ephesians 1: 6) and the salvation of the world (Mark 16: 15).


True repentance is not merely asking for forgiveness regarding external situations or wrong acts by saying: ‘forgive me, Lord, because I have saddened such and such a person; have acted in a wrong way; or have neglected prayer.’ True repentance is to see the hidden motives inside oneself and the inner response regarding these wrong situations –the response which one may not see but the Holy Spirit sees and desires to purify.

Teaching & Handing on

We live in an age where spiritual teaching and schools of thought have multiplied; each advocating its thoughts and ways trying to spread them and attract as many as they can to them. In addition to this, there are various translations and also old manuscripts and Church heritage are edited and reprinted. As a result, we have a platform of all kinds of teaching: genuine, mixed and false. Only few have questioned whether the teaching they hear is from God or if people are speaking from themselves: ‘If anyone wants to do His will, he will know about my teaching, whether it is from God or I am speaking from myself’ (John 7: 17). These people need someone to help them discern the genuine from the fake, the precious from the vile. Also, only few realise that they are wounded and sick with various spiritual ailments and that they need a physician to lead them in the path of true and complete healing.

Prostration – Biblical Principles for Bowing Down

The Early Church loved so much to imitate angels in their worship. Thus, they used to use the book of psalms as a source of worshipping God with praises. And with Psalms they prostrated giving glory to God as the Angels do! This is also the idea behind the liturgies used in old traditional churches where we find that the words are not changed from week to week, and they convey their faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


They used to read the Scriptures in a prayerful way. They read the verses and reread them repeatedly. They ruminate the verses so that they sink down into their inner man and release their manifold actions. They also have the conviction that reading the Prophetic books release a prophetic anointing. Reading the Gospels release apostolic anointing. Reading the Historical Books release the Wisdom of God, and teaches His ways. Reading Poetic Books (especially Song of Songs) release Bridal Love and again God’s Wisdom.

Suffering – Aspects of the Cross

They have the conviction that God is in control of everything happening in a life fully surrendered to Him. In His Sovereignty He allows what is benefitting and prevents what is hurting. Even enemy’s attacks are controlled by Him and used as a tool to reshape us. Because of this conviction and understanding, if a problem happens, they do not rush asking God to intervene and revert the attack OR rush and battle in Spirit, but patiently and wisely they explore the situation in such a manner:

The Formation of Christ

According to the lexicon, the word ‘formed’, which Paul uses, is normally used to describe the formation of an embryo inside the mother’s womb. This means that Paul is aspiring for a further spiritual step in the lives of these believers which is similar to the formation of an embryo in the mother’s womb so that this embryo may grow and become a person. According to the teaching of the early Church, when we receive salvation, a seed of life called ‘the saving grace’ is put inside us; it is like a zygote; it bears within it the potential of becoming a living being, ‘Christ’. This seed of the saving grace leads to true salvation; yet, we can stop at this point of just being saved. However, we are called for much more than that; we are called ‘to become into the likeness of His son’, to be Christ-like.

Mystery of cleansing leprosy

Actually there is a deep mystery in this story about the leprosy. Especially when it is now connected to the house and there is a possibility for active leprosy to affect the house. It must be something that we need to take heed of. And interestingly enough that the way of cleansing a house is so parallel to the way of cleaning a person.

People of God 1-3

To be really kingdom minded people we need to know God’s mind concerning the characters that are supposed to be in the life of a man or of a woman of God. Also we sometimes read or hear expressions like „man of God“, „man of faith, „man of covenant“ and we need to examine these terms and understand the mind of God on them according to the bible. Usually the basic term among these terms is the „man of God“.

Follow me: feast of St. Anthony

The Lord has put in my heart two pictures that I was so preoccupied with and which caused a lot of pain and agony in my heart. The first picture of ministers of the Lord: the Lord gives them His impressions, which can all be summed up in one word that Jesus repeated: „follow me“. And in many stories of the New Testament we hear Jesus repeating these words, whether to His disciples or to many of the people whom He healed or worked miracles and he always said these words: "follow me“.

Glory of Resurrection – Easter Message 2017

In God’s economy of salvation we are supposed to partake in His glory and authority; so that we no longer remain in the rock bottom of our daily reality which the enemy desires to imprison us in. He reproaches us by making use of the sin and the weakness of our daily reality. Unfortunately we believe him and hence we get more and more imprisoned and constrained by our weak state instead of quickly turning our eyes unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who will lift us up unto Him and restore us to the things that He has prepared and accomplished for our sake.

Do we Live in Shallowness or Depth

We have, unfortunately, set or specified a meaning or a certain understanding for each of these foundations and have stopped at that level or limit. This is the scholastic approach. For example, we may think that faith means that we trust God, memorise the creed, or attend church regularly. Similarly, we may say that prayer is the fellowship with God, praying the Psalms (the Agpia prayer hours), or attending the church liturgies. And, we do the same with the rest of the spiritual foundations.

Dwelling in Christ

What makes a difference from one person to another, is his realization and perception of how he is abiding in Christ. Sometimes we start our life in Christ, and then we focus on certain spiritual talks that will help us grow in our spiritual life. Or we get preoccupied with various ministries or the work of the kingdom of God. And, all these of course, are important things. But amid all these many preoccupations, sometimes our fellowship with Christ becomes a separate item. What is really in my heart, that I want to share with you, is how Jesus becomes the focus and the centre, of our lives every single day. And how to make Jesus the centre when I am praying, and when I am not praying, when I am ministering and when I am not ministering. We need to learn how to make Jesus always present, and never absent, not even for a single moment.

The Eastern and Western Church

Division was the sin of the church. When the church was divided in different denominations, they lost a lot. And every denomination was only left with a part of the truth. So I think one of the purposes of God in the End Times is to bring these lost parts together. Not necessarily bringing the church into unity but bringing the different lost parts of the truth together, so that we can see the full truth. And truth sets us free.

Spiritual Exodus

I believe that every group and every people who live in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and live in the faith of Christ, need to come at certain pauses and stops to examine themselves, examine their level of faith and their growth in the spirit. And the true and real examination of the spiritual life should not be separate from external circumstances. Usually when we talk about something like this kind of examination, we focus on our lives: Where are we? How are we doing in our spiritual growth? And this kind of examination actually lacks spiritual discernment.

Formation of Christ in the Believer

Becoming more like Jesus does not happen by just training ourselves to imitate Jesus - in fact this may lead to frustration and a sense of defeat rather than to true transformation and change, because we often experience that we are quite unable to imitate Jesus. The early church had a very different approach to being transformed into Christ's image.

Men of wondrous sign for their generation

Usually we maintain that all the charges and accusations against the children of God are nullified in Christ and in His cross. This is really true but it is not the full truth. It is only part of the truth. Let us look at the correct biblical truth in this respect. Of course this means that we will check some of the references to understand the whole truth regarding this very important issue. In Revelation 12:10 we read that the accuser accuses the children of God day and night.

A man who stands in the gap 1-2

I know that we are more or less familiar with the term „a man who stands in the gap“ as a biblical principle but we may have not entered into all the depth and dynamics of this term. It is an important calling and it is clear that God is searching to find such a man. And when He says that He has found no one we can see that it is not easy to get into that office of that calling, despite its utmost importance for the church, especially in this generation. We are going to understand how can God call a person to that office.

Sanctification of the Soul

God puts His hands on holy hands. God’s holy Hands cannot draw near unclean hands. Therefore, the Psalms numerously refer to ‘he who has clean hands and a pure heart’ (Psalm 24: 4); and also: ‘I will wash my hands in innocence; so I will go about Your altar, O Lord’ (Psalm 26: 6). The hands are the channel of giving. In the spirit, our hands are seen as unclean and unholy; therefore, God’s hand is hindered and is not able to come close to our hands, be placed over them and bless the labour of our hands. This does not mean that we are required to have a level of holiness which is only attainable by those who are totally set apart for prayer. Holiness has different infinite levels. Yet, God requests from each person the level of holiness which is in accordance to his spiritual stature and measure of grace.

The Sun is Setting, will We Shine? – Easter Message 2013

It is not difficult for the children of God, who are watchful on their spiritual life and who are preoccupied with the matters of the Kingdom of God, to discern and realise that the current phase is a difficult and very crucial one. This is not only due to the current circumstances of our country, Egypt. It is also because of the spiritual battles that we all experience during this phase. The battles are different from what we have experienced before; they are more severe and intense to the extent that it sometimes seems difficult to overcome them.

Preparing for the Great Lent 4 & 5

Usually we highlight the theme of the Sunday and the theme of this Sunday is called the „Last Judgement Sunday“. But before we are going to speak about this Sunday I would like to speak about the Saturday. The theme of this Saturday is the prayer for the dead. A very delicate issue. Is there any real benefit from the prayer for the dead? What does it mean to pray for the dead and what is its’ link with the great Lent?

Preparing for the Great Lent 3

This Sunday is called the Sunday of the „Prodigal Son“. The main theme is the story of the Prodigal Son. To understand the main point of the story we need to remind ourselves that Great Lent is a spiritual journey aiming at transferring our spiritual level from one level to another level. This means that this time is a big turning point. Everyone of us needs to expect that this season will change everything in his life. But how can this happen?

Preparing for the Great Lent 2

The theme of this Sunday is taken from the story of the Publican and the Pharisee. We need to finde the lessons that we can receive from this story, that can help us to be prepared for the great Lent which is ahead of us. What is the picture of the Pharisee? He is pleased with Himself and satisfied with self-assurance and self-righteousness. This is pride. This is what happens if we reduce religion to some external observations and rituals, the piety of self-righteousness. The false piety.

Preparing for the Great Lent 1

Here are many important points in the story of Zacchaeus. The first one is that he sought to see the Lord. The Lord was passing that way and Zacchaeus was short and there was a big crowd. And the point is that the Bible says: „he sought to see“. This means that he was seeking fervently with all his being. Yes, there is something deep in his heart that moved him to be like „I must see Him, I am ready to do whatever to see Him!“. Remember the hymn „Open the gates of repentance“. As if it says „send your Holy Spirit to my heart! I need to come in encounter with you in this fast!“