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Who is God

To enter into a deeper experience of God you need to know Him more. Who is this Triune God? He reveals Himself in the Old and New Testaments – but only the Church, in particular during the early centuries of Christianity, started to understand that He is Three Persons in One. This Holy Trinity is a deep mystery. God invites us to explore this mystery and to take part in the unfathomable love and unity among the Three. The resources in this section want to help you to enter into fellowship with the Holy Trinity – and as you do so you will find your true self more and more.

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Jesus in His Passion Week

What was the main purpose that Jesus had when He entered Jerusalem? It was the Cross. What made Jesus want to fulfil this purpose? It is because this is the will of the Father. Jesus is the Son of the Father; and He wanted to please the Father: ‘for I always do those things that please Him’ (John 8: 29). If the Cross was a purpose in itself, it could have been difficult. Yet, what made the Cross become easy for Christ is that He was doing it for the sake of the Father and He did it with pleasure

Different Levels of Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

It is very important to know how to grow from level to level in the fellowship with the Holy Spirit. There is an old documented prayer that has been founded in the documents of the Early Church about the Holy Spirit. It is a prayer to call upon the Holy Spirit to help us.

The Holy Spirit

One of the fathers of the Church once stated: ‘the goal of the Christian life is to be filled with and acquire the Holy Spirit’. We are used to viewing the Son, Jesus, as a Person who came to earth, lived among us and completed our salvation. Similarly, we view the Father as a Person who is similar to the earthly father in His care and love for us. However, we tend to view the Holy Spirit as a power, a stream, or a movement; while in actual fact He is a Person –one of the Persons of the Trinity. Therefore, like any person, we need to get to know Him. We know beforehand that we are invited to a life-long and eternal relationship with Him and to co-work with Him. Therefore, we would undoubtedly desire to know more about Him and discover His character and characteristics so that we may be able to harmonise with Him. The bible reveals four main principles concerning our relationship with the Holy Spirit:

The Son, Jesus Christ

In Christ, we see how the wholesome and perfect humanity walks on earth, fulfilling the will of the Father. We can then do the same. Our humanity will not be perfect like His, but, it will be redeemed through His work of redemption. We will then be able to do as He did, not out of our own ability as He did, but through the strengthening of His grace and the work of His Spirit in us. Jesus is the door to understanding the Father and enjoying His fellowship.

God, the Father

The fellowship with the Father is so sweet and amazing and it truly fills the deep needs of human beings. However, we sometimes have some misconceptions about God which often hinder us from entering into a true and deep relationship with Him. He desires to enter into a true fellowship with us and correct many of these misconceptions that we may have about Him. It is; therefore, important to understand the divine biblical revelation about God. We should then turn this revelation into principles that we follow in life and change our thinking accordingly. We need to understand correctly and apply correctly.


If we desire to live the fullness of what we have been created for and carry out our full role and responsibilities in accordance to the divine will, it is crucial that our inner hidden needs would be satisfied and healed. If a plastic container has certain parts that has been squeezed in, its shape and size would change; and so, this container cannot perform its function. Similarly, God will not show me my full role if my size and shape is changed because my full role can only be carried out through the full size and shape of my vessel.  God will not request me to do something that I am not capable of doing –because part of my vessel is squeezed or crushed! At the same time, I would be in agony because I have potentials that are not released; the areas of these potentials are pressed in.

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit

We often feel frustrated and in agony because we find ourselves being unable to live a victorious, steadfast life in Christ. Especially at times of difficulty and temptation. This fluctuation in our spiritual life causes agony and confusion at times. We often wonder how to live a life that testfies to the grace of the New Testament and that glorifies the name of Christ. Very often in our quiet time in the beginning of the day we receive a foretaste of this life. However when we face the challenges during the day we behave in ways contrary to what is within us.

Centrality of Messiah 1-10

How did the Early Church see the word „Messiah“ as a central theme throughout all the bible? Usually what we do is to read any book of the bible of the Old Testament as historical events. But if you are trying to read any book of the Old Testament as a historical event you may face those who want to attack the authority of the word of God with a lot of questions. And usually we are taken in these circles of questioning and answering. But this will take us out of the stream of life with which we must be in touch with throughout reading the word of God.

Knowing and Experiencing God

Do you have the spiritual hunger to enter into a deeper knowledge and experience of God? Do you long to ascend the mountain of worship in closer fellowship with God? Do you know that there are 16 names of God in the Old Testament and that each name reveals an aspect of God which humanity needs so much? Do you want to learn more about the true spiritual unity which is in accordance to the unity between the Persons of the Trinity? Do you want to learn about the spiritual situation of this generation, the reason behind it, and how this can be altered?

Intimacy with God 1-7

The Holy Spirit likes to be attracted, but one of the things that attract Him is my lifestyle. He watches over me for a period of time: Have I really decided to follow Christ even in the darkness? Am I really serious about my spiritual life? When he finds out that I am really the person that has chosen this path, he comes very close and pours a lot of comfort and many gifts. He flushes me with blessings and after a while he disappears. He is not there anymore but still watches from afar.

Song of Songs

This journey of the soul is like a play which consists of 8 scenes or chapters. After each scene, the curtain is drawn to be reopened unto a new scene which is the next chapter of the book until the story ends. The chapters are like stations or stops in a journey; each chapter takes us from one station to the other.

Reading the Bible

The Bible presents to us the Spirit and Life of God. It introduces Him to us and testifies to Him through His revelation to the Prophets, the Apostles, and the Men and Women of God. It also entreats and invites us to taste what these biblical men of God have tasted and to know Him as they have known Him in order to enter into a personal fellowship with Him. The Scriptures show us the way we should walk, in order to behold God and be united with Him (2Corinthians 3: 18; 1Corinthians 6: 17). They light the path and provide us with the spirit of faith which strengthens our will to continue the walk towards the Lord. They testify to the Lord as the Only One who grants eternal life. The words of the Scripture accompany us from the beginning of the journey to its end, holding our hands, keeping us, and taking us gradually upwards to the top of the mountain in the different levels of fellowship with the Holy Trinity. They take us gently from one level to the other and from one depth to the other, progressively revealing their mysteries to us –as much as we can bear and take in (Proverbs 2 – 4; 2Timothy 3: 16). We are not meant to stop at the level of the intellectual knowledge of the Word of God: interpreting the words, understanding the backgrounds, analysing the biblical characters, and mentally meditating on God’s comforting words. The Scriptures entreat us and invite us to enter into our spiritual inheritance which the Lord has prepared for us beforehand. The Holy Spirit reveals to us this inheritance through the bible in order to live it, live for it and by it (Romans 8: 17; Galatians 4: 7). Therefore, as children, we need to hold unto the Holy Spirit, the utterer of the Word of God, who is like a mother who feeds us the pure milk (1Peter 2: 2). When our inner man grows, the Holy Spirit reveals to us the hidden mysteries behind the words of the Scripture which are solid food for the mature (Hebrews 5: 14) so that we may become strong and we no longer be children tossed to and fro and carried about with every wind of doctrine (Ephesians 4: 14). As much as our souls are purified and sanctified, our spiritual eyes become enlightened and our minds are opened by grace to comprehend the secrets and mysteries of the Word of God and live by them: ‘the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him’ (Psalm 25: 14).

Glory of Resurrection – Easter Message 2017

In God’s economy of salvation we are supposed to partake in His glory and authority; so that we no longer remain in the rock bottom of our daily reality which the enemy desires to imprison us in. He reproaches us by making use of the sin and the weakness of our daily reality. Unfortunately we believe him and hence we get more and more imprisoned and constrained by our weak state instead of quickly turning our eyes unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who will lift us up unto Him and restore us to the things that He has prepared and accomplished for our sake.

The Tender Mercies of God – Christmas Message 2013

God’s message for us today is: “the tender mercies of God”. Before unfolding the dimensions of this message, I dare to say that this is not merely a message or talk related to a spiritual celebration, occasion or a specific day, but it is a message for the generation! This difference between a message given for a certain situation or occasion and a message given to a generation certainly requires some clarification. To explain this, we need to go back to the biblical foundations. Let us look at Moses, the man of God, as an example. Moses was one of the greatest men of God who learned to speak with God that it was written about him: ‘whom the Lord knew face to face’ (Deuteronomy 34: 10). Therefore, he was called ‘converser with God’.