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Prophetic Messages

“But he who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort to men”. The prophetic is not about the future, to satisfy our curiosity. When we look at the prophets of the Old Testament we will see how much of their ministry dealt with the present, revealing the spiritual condition of their generation. And where they spoke about the future, it was to warn the people to bring them back to God on the one hand, and to give hope and perspective to those who put their trust in God on the other hand. True prophetic speaking reveals God’s economy of today and tomorrow, and also the economies of the enemy of man, so that the children of God would know how to prepare for and overcome the challenges ahead of them. The resources in this section contain prophetic messages that have been released over the past decades.

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The Bride of Christ

In our love encounter with the divine Beloved, the Holy Spirit betrothed us to Christ (Song of Solomon 8: 5) and poured in our hearts bridal love towards the divine Bridegroom. This love draws us towards Him and makes the path of following Him sweet. The Holy Spirit who betrothed us to Christ, the Bridegroom, vigils on our spiritual growth, maturity, sanctification and on adorning us to be a royal Bride to the Bridegroom, the King.

New Zion 1-6

If you are aware of the word „Zion“ in the bible, you will understand that it is actually referred to in different books of the scriptures. But it is a very important topic, especially when it is related to the End Times.

The Kingdom of God and challenges of the end times

The main message is the message of the Kingdom of God and not the message of salvation. This is because salvation was not the original plan but was the solution for a problem that has hindered the original plan. The original plan is related to God’s reign on earth and fulfilling glorious things in which Man is God’s representative. After salvation was completed, Man was restored to his responsibility and his message which is related to God’s reign on earth. Thus, Man needs to proclaim the message of the Kingdom of God!

Challenges and Callings of the End Times

If we deeply and seriously study and search the topic of the End Times in the Word of God, we will be surprised to come across things that we have not heard of before. Actually, only the surface of this topic has been touched, despite the many talks, comments and books that speak about the End Times. It must be understood then, that there would indeed be some sort of hindrance or masking of the real depth of this topic because it is one that digs deeply and ultimately into Kingdom matters, whether it be the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. It is, therefore, quite expected that the Enemy would do his best to mask the real revelatory matters related to the End Times. As a result, we are merely left with many songs and phrases like: “Maran Atha,” “O come, Lord Jesus,” “we love You Jesus and we are ready for Your Coming,” and that is all. Of course, this is important, but these are certainly not the real dynamics involved in this great topic that has an impact on all spiritual matters.

New Zion

New Zion refers to this dwelling place which the Lord desires, and which He requests His people to make for Him in order to dwell among them. This will become clearer in the following points as we go further in the biblical revelation.

Prophetic Messages

The prophetic word is light in a dark place. As we approach the End Times, darkness increases. Therefore, the Church needs this light in her walk towards her ultimate goal which is meeting the Bridegroom, Jesus, and in her ministry; this would bear great practical fruits. The prophetic work requires a special anointing from the Holy Spirit. It is not like any other anointing. Therefore, the human vessel that is to receive this anointing should be prepared in a special way. A life of worship is the main atmosphere that prepares the vessel and attracts this anointing from above.

Mystery of cleansing leprosy

Actually there is a deep mystery in this story about the leprosy. Especially when it is now connected to the house and there is a possibility for active leprosy to affect the house. It must be something that we need to take heed of. And interestingly enough that the way of cleansing a house is so parallel to the way of cleaning a person.

End Times and the Bride: 2015 Global Conference in Israel

The purpose of this overview is to help us be more prepared and equipped for the special ministry of these days in order to fulfil God’s purposes by preparing the way for His glorious coming. Is this biblical term, ‘the Bride’, exclusive to the New Testament? Who will be the Bride of Christ in the end times and what is her commission? Where do the Jews fit in the divine economy? What is the divine economy for our days? How can we practically live as a Bride of Christ?

Men of wondrous sign for their generation

Usually we maintain that all the charges and accusations against the children of God are nullified in Christ and in His cross. This is really true but it is not the full truth. It is only part of the truth. Let us look at the correct biblical truth in this respect. Of course this means that we will check some of the references to understand the whole truth regarding this very important issue. In Revelation 12:10 we read that the accuser accuses the children of God day and night.

The Tender Mercies of God – Christmas Message 2013

God’s message for us today is: “the tender mercies of God”. Before unfolding the dimensions of this message, I dare to say that this is not merely a message or talk related to a spiritual celebration, occasion or a specific day, but it is a message for the generation! This difference between a message given for a certain situation or occasion and a message given to a generation certainly requires some clarification. To explain this, we need to go back to the biblical foundations. Let us look at Moses, the man of God, as an example. Moses was one of the greatest men of God who learned to speak with God that it was written about him: ‘whom the Lord knew face to face’ (Deuteronomy 34: 10). Therefore, he was called ‘converser with God’.

The Sun is Setting, will We Shine? – Easter Message 2013

It is not difficult for the children of God, who are watchful on their spiritual life and who are preoccupied with the matters of the Kingdom of God, to discern and realise that the current phase is a difficult and very crucial one. This is not only due to the current circumstances of our country, Egypt. It is also because of the spiritual battles that we all experience during this phase. The battles are different from what we have experienced before; they are more severe and intense to the extent that it sometimes seems difficult to overcome them.