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The Church & her Saints

Can it be that the enemy of man has attacked and distorted the Church more than any other part of God’s economy? It would be no wonder. The church is the glorious mystery of God. Her magnificent calling is to have the fullness of God and to become the Bride of Christ. The Church and her members, the saints, should be in heaven, even now! For from there she must come! Unfortunately, major parts of the Church are stranded on earth – because of her love affair with the spirit of the world. If she stood firm in her heavenly place, she would have the authority to push back the evil in the world and keep it at bay. But because of her failure, evil can instead spread further and further. How can she regain her position, her authority? Only by her saints, the believers, regaining their position in heaven. If you want to learn more about the Church, her role, her calling and what you can do to help restore her, you will find relevant resources in this section.

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Jesus in His Passion Week

What was the main purpose that Jesus had when He entered Jerusalem? It was the Cross. What made Jesus want to fulfil this purpose? It is because this is the will of the Father. Jesus is the Son of the Father; and He wanted to please the Father: ‘for I always do those things that please Him’ (John 8: 29). If the Cross was a purpose in itself, it could have been difficult. Yet, what made the Cross become easy for Christ is that He was doing it for the sake of the Father and He did it with pleasure

She Who is Full of Grace

She did not depend on feasts and temple prayers alone to receive grace. But rather, she collected grace whenever and however she could. She desired to be filled with grace and she understood that she has the opportunity to gather its fragments throughout the moments of everyday. She found these fragments in all kinds of forms such as in a small prayer, in a pleasing thought springing up from her heart or as she rejected negative thoughts.

The Holy Lent is a Treasure of Mysteries

The Holy Lent, as the early fathers describe it, is the spring of the divine calendar; the season of spiritual storage for the whole year; and a special opportunity to encounter Christ who has fasted the forty-day fast for the sake of our salvation. The message of the Lent this year includes the following points: Freedom from fleshly habits and soulish or emotional attachments Examining the conscience and the purity of heart Going out of the self Holy and sweet suffering Infliction or Contrition and Transfiguration

The Bride of Christ

In our love encounter with the divine Beloved, the Holy Spirit betrothed us to Christ (Song of Solomon 8: 5) and poured in our hearts bridal love towards the divine Bridegroom. This love draws us towards Him and makes the path of following Him sweet. The Holy Spirit who betrothed us to Christ, the Bridegroom, vigils on our spiritual growth, maturity, sanctification and on adorning us to be a royal Bride to the Bridegroom, the King.

Kingdom Perspective

The destructive wave (which is the enemy’s plan these days against our generation) is trying to reach and destroy both the believers and the non believers; those in a ship and those who aren’t. Certainly this doesn’t sound strange to us as we constantly hear stories of catastrophes, accidents, fatal diseases, etc, happening in a rate that has never been recorded before. Where then is the expected divine protection provided for the believers; those sailing in a ship? The early Christians used to build their churches in the shape of the Ark of Noah. By this they wanted to say: “we are sailing in the sea of the world towards an ultimate goal but we are always protected from outward waves and floods because we are in the Ark (as the Ark was isolated from the water and not affected by the flood). This should have been the case with the believers in all generations. But what happened?

Teaching & Handing on

We live in an age where spiritual teaching and schools of thought have multiplied; each advocating its thoughts and ways trying to spread them and attract as many as they can to them. In addition to this, there are various translations and also old manuscripts and Church heritage are edited and reprinted. As a result, we have a platform of all kinds of teaching: genuine, mixed and false. Only few have questioned whether the teaching they hear is from God or if people are speaking from themselves: ‘If anyone wants to do His will, he will know about my teaching, whether it is from God or I am speaking from myself’ (John 7: 17). These people need someone to help them discern the genuine from the fake, the precious from the vile. Also, only few realise that they are wounded and sick with various spiritual ailments and that they need a physician to lead them in the path of true and complete healing.

Prostration – Biblical Principles for Bowing Down

The Early Church loved so much to imitate angels in their worship. Thus, they used to use the book of psalms as a source of worshipping God with praises. And with Psalms they prostrated giving glory to God as the Angels do! This is also the idea behind the liturgies used in old traditional churches where we find that the words are not changed from week to week, and they convey their faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Teaching of the Early Fathers of the Church

The Early Fathers of the Church were greatly faithful and had great love to God. Besides, they had immense spiritual hunger and thirst. Because of this, they were given the treasures of darkness and the hidden riches of secret places (Isaiah 45: 3); they were entrusted with the keys and mysteries of the Kingdom of […]

Stephen’s Crown (Acts 7)

When I am crowned this means that I was pleasing the Lord all the time and I lived my life according to His will to please Him. So that the Father can look at me and say „Oh, this is my beloved Son with whom I am pleased“ as He said it to Jesus because we are also His sons through Jesus Christ and He wants to be pleased by our lives as He was pleased by the life of His own Son.

The Feast of Annunciation

He searches for specific people who can actualize His important matters for this generation. When a well-prepared person whose heart is in accordance with God’s own heart is then found, he or she is sent an angel in one form or another. It does not have to be in a tangible or visible manner, although this too can occur. It can come in a form of a conversation within the heart, which the soul is aware of. If this soul is well prepared, it has the ability to also become aware of a type of heart connection with the angels of God.

People of God 1-3

To be really kingdom minded people we need to know God’s mind concerning the characters that are supposed to be in the life of a man or of a woman of God. Also we sometimes read or hear expressions like „man of God“, „man of faith, „man of covenant“ and we need to examine these terms and understand the mind of God on them according to the bible. Usually the basic term among these terms is the „man of God“.

Follow me: feast of St. Anthony

The Lord has put in my heart two pictures that I was so preoccupied with and which caused a lot of pain and agony in my heart. The first picture of ministers of the Lord: the Lord gives them His impressions, which can all be summed up in one word that Jesus repeated: „follow me“. And in many stories of the New Testament we hear Jesus repeating these words, whether to His disciples or to many of the people whom He healed or worked miracles and he always said these words: "follow me“.

End Times and the Bride: 2015 Global Conference in Israel

The purpose of this overview is to help us be more prepared and equipped for the special ministry of these days in order to fulfil God’s purposes by preparing the way for His glorious coming. Is this biblical term, ‘the Bride’, exclusive to the New Testament? Who will be the Bride of Christ in the end times and what is her commission? Where do the Jews fit in the divine economy? What is the divine economy for our days? How can we practically live as a Bride of Christ?

The Eastern and Western Church

Division was the sin of the church. When the church was divided in different denominations, they lost a lot. And every denomination was only left with a part of the truth. So I think one of the purposes of God in the End Times is to bring these lost parts together. Not necessarily bringing the church into unity but bringing the different lost parts of the truth together, so that we can see the full truth. And truth sets us free.

A man who stands in the gap 1-2

I know that we are more or less familiar with the term „a man who stands in the gap“ as a biblical principle but we may have not entered into all the depth and dynamics of this term. It is an important calling and it is clear that God is searching to find such a man. And when He says that He has found no one we can see that it is not easy to get into that office of that calling, despite its utmost importance for the church, especially in this generation. We are going to understand how can God call a person to that office.

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