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Ministry & Responsibility

The more we water, the more we will be watered; the more we give, the more will be given to us (Proverbs 11:25). We will grow when we share what we have received from God. But for our ministry to people to be effective, it must begin in heaven. As we worship and minister to God, we receive the blessings we can bring to His people. As we intercede with Christ, our High Priest in heaven, we learn to intercede effectively and according to the heart of God. As Jesus was sent to earth and then returned back to heaven, we, too, are on earth only temporarily as Jesus’ missionaries and ambassadors to complete His work. If you want to know more about your mission and responsibility in the Kingdom of God, you may want to check out the resources in this section.

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Do we accept the Spirit or Form of the Divine Call?

And the reason behind this was those men who should have received, known, and discerned the spirit of the man of God, David, and understood God’s will and purposes during their journey with David and their companionship with him; yet this, unfortunately, had not happened! The exact opposite happened. They cared about the outer matters only; while, they were totally estranged from the matters of the heart and the spirit. This is a lesson for us as well to discern and to examine our heart and spirit as God has entrusted us with a spiritual walk where we experienced and tasted very blessed days, the open heavens of God, true and abundant graces of God being poured on us, and illuminating revelations given to us by the Spirit of God.

Spiritual Family

As soon as the person knows who Jesus is, that person is transformed from being a dead stone into being a living stone. The Holy Spirit cuts this person off the world and transfers him to the Church. As a result, this person would feel that a big change has happened in his life; he became a stranger to some people and closer to others; also, many concepts in his life started to change. It is a true change that the Holy Spirit does in one’s life. He makes the person a stranger to the world, as Jesus said: ‘they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world’ (John 17: 16); planting him in the true Church which is established in the Spirit. Therefore, this living stone, this person who has experienced the true life in Christ, gets placed in a sort of building, that is, the Church.

How can we bless our Generation

We need to differentiate between two different types of input that we should receive from the Word of God; namely, “message” & “meat”. When we read the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit stirs our hearts while reading, we understand that He wants to speak to us and deliver a message to us. So, we receive it in faith and obedience. I believe we are all familiar with this. However, after that, we need to find the “meat” related to this “message”. Finding the meat requires studying the different truths included in the message, pray, and wait on God until we receive the fullness of the “meat” that we can receive during that time.

A Man After My Own Heart

It is a heart that was humbled because of the many pains it went through and has submitted to such sufferings and accepted them from God’s hands. This heart has bended to the sufferings in acceptance, so, they shaped the person. Hence, he became very sensitive to the pains of others and it became easy for him to identify with them and share their pains. [Paul’s sufferings increased as he went on his journeys; and his heart became enlarged. God enlarges one’s heart (spirit) through suffering. The contrite hearts and humble spirits are entrusted with spiritual power.]

Heart: the Parable of the Sower

When the person is given opportunities, one after the other; yet, one does not respond to them appropriately, the heart becomes dull and its sensitivity weakens. For example, some years ago, when we heard a spiritual message, our heart used to respond fervently and with tears of repentance. Five years later, this fervent response became less fervent. Ten years later, it decreased even more and became much less. And now, we hear the message and say: ‘Oh, yes, I know all this; but, I am waiting upon the Lord to help me. What can I do? I tried. I will keep trying.’ This happens because the heart has lost its sensitivity!

The Bride of Christ

In our love encounter with the divine Beloved, the Holy Spirit betrothed us to Christ (Song of Solomon 8: 5) and poured in our hearts bridal love towards the divine Bridegroom. This love draws us towards Him and makes the path of following Him sweet. The Holy Spirit who betrothed us to Christ, the Bridegroom, vigils on our spiritual growth, maturity, sanctification and on adorning us to be a royal Bride to the Bridegroom, the King.

God’s purpose for us in this time

Do we live as ambassadors for the heavenly kingdom? In our appearance? In our words? In our deeds? In our relationships? In our dealings? In keeping the talent of time that is granted to us day after day? Do we acquire and posses the authority of the ambassador? The ambassador has certain diplomatic privileges. Do we have any of these privileges? Not according to the earthly way of thinking but in a divine way.

Mystery of Sacrifice, Mystery of Gospel

I believe that in these days there is a very crucial test that the Holy Spirit wants to do, so that he would sift his flock. Because the cross has actually started to disappear from the church of Christ and its work has diluted. That’s why Jesus allows the believers to go through a certain test, so that they start to experience one more time the work of the cross. If we don’t have fellowship in the suffering of Christ, we will be strangers from Jesus, the crucified one.

New Zion 1-6

If you are aware of the word „Zion“ in the bible, you will understand that it is actually referred to in different books of the scriptures. But it is a very important topic, especially when it is related to the End Times.

Intimacy with God 1-7

The Holy Spirit likes to be attracted, but one of the things that attract Him is my lifestyle. He watches over me for a period of time: Have I really decided to follow Christ even in the darkness? Am I really serious about my spiritual life? When he finds out that I am really the person that has chosen this path, he comes very close and pours a lot of comfort and many gifts. He flushes me with blessings and after a while he disappears. He is not there anymore but still watches from afar.

Intercession Prayer

There are two main basic questions in intercession: How can we discern the spiritual atmosphere of a place or of a person when we want to intercede for a place, a person or a ministry? The other question is: Can we be able to identify ourselves with the people we are going to intercede for?

The Kingdom of God and challenges of the end times

The main message is the message of the Kingdom of God and not the message of salvation. This is because salvation was not the original plan but was the solution for a problem that has hindered the original plan. The original plan is related to God’s reign on earth and fulfilling glorious things in which Man is God’s representative. After salvation was completed, Man was restored to his responsibility and his message which is related to God’s reign on earth. Thus, Man needs to proclaim the message of the Kingdom of God!

Challenges and Callings of the End Times

If we deeply and seriously study and search the topic of the End Times in the Word of God, we will be surprised to come across things that we have not heard of before. Actually, only the surface of this topic has been touched, despite the many talks, comments and books that speak about the End Times. It must be understood then, that there would indeed be some sort of hindrance or masking of the real depth of this topic because it is one that digs deeply and ultimately into Kingdom matters, whether it be the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Darkness. It is, therefore, quite expected that the Enemy would do his best to mask the real revelatory matters related to the End Times. As a result, we are merely left with many songs and phrases like: “Maran Atha,” “O come, Lord Jesus,” “we love You Jesus and we are ready for Your Coming,” and that is all. Of course, this is important, but these are certainly not the real dynamics involved in this great topic that has an impact on all spiritual matters.

Trustees of the Kingdom

God wants so much to trust us for the work of His Kingdom and He is so keen to give us all His own enterprises! He even wants to trust us for Himself but we must be ready for this and trustworthy.

Song of Songs

This journey of the soul is like a play which consists of 8 scenes or chapters. After each scene, the curtain is drawn to be reopened unto a new scene which is the next chapter of the book until the story ends. The chapters are like stations or stops in a journey; each chapter takes us from one station to the other.

Proclaiming the King and the Kingdom of God

The aim of the gospel, which is also the aim of all ministers in every generation, is the growth and extension of the Kingdom of God. After speaking to His disciples about the extension of the Kingdom and its hindrances, as discussed in the previous part, Jesus speaks to them about proclaiming the King and the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is the reign of the King. The King is Jesus. The word ‘Kingdom’ refers to His reign internally on the hearts and externally on earth. This is the complete meaning of the Kingdom of God: it is both an inner spiritual mystical Kingdom in the hearts and an outer Kingdom proclaimed on earth so that others may see it and believe.

The Divine focus in the five Books of Moses

The problem is that we usually read and study the books of Scripture in a disconnected way, seeing each book or even each chapter as a separate unit. This disconnection or disintegration has become part of our human nature after the fall; everything became disconnected for us. This in turn reflects on how we read and study the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is the One who inspired and dictated these books. He surely has one connected vision/mind and one purpose which He desired to transfer through the teaching in the Scriptures. Therefore, we need to find out this one vision or central train of thought that connects the 5 books of Moses.

New Zion

New Zion refers to this dwelling place which the Lord desires, and which He requests His people to make for Him in order to dwell among them. This will become clearer in the following points as we go further in the biblical revelation.

The Kingdom Message

Jesus wants to come and literally dwell inside us. For that same purpose Paul was labouring in prayer on behalf of the believers to have Jesus dwell in them. We need to prepare a place in our souls (which is the special home of Christ) For Him to come and dwell. This means taking the matter of sanctification more seriously in our spiritual walk. It means a life of daily repentance and a life of obeying the Word of God circumspectly.

Kingdom Perspective

The destructive wave (which is the enemy’s plan these days against our generation) is trying to reach and destroy both the believers and the non believers; those in a ship and those who aren’t. Certainly this doesn’t sound strange to us as we constantly hear stories of catastrophes, accidents, fatal diseases, etc, happening in a rate that has never been recorded before. Where then is the expected divine protection provided for the believers; those sailing in a ship? The early Christians used to build their churches in the shape of the Ark of Noah. By this they wanted to say: “we are sailing in the sea of the world towards an ultimate goal but we are always protected from outward waves and floods because we are in the Ark (as the Ark was isolated from the water and not affected by the flood). This should have been the case with the believers in all generations. But what happened?

Teaching & Handing on

We live in an age where spiritual teaching and schools of thought have multiplied; each advocating its thoughts and ways trying to spread them and attract as many as they can to them. In addition to this, there are various translations and also old manuscripts and Church heritage are edited and reprinted. As a result, we have a platform of all kinds of teaching: genuine, mixed and false. Only few have questioned whether the teaching they hear is from God or if people are speaking from themselves: ‘If anyone wants to do His will, he will know about my teaching, whether it is from God or I am speaking from myself’ (John 7: 17). These people need someone to help them discern the genuine from the fake, the precious from the vile. Also, only few realise that they are wounded and sick with various spiritual ailments and that they need a physician to lead them in the path of true and complete healing.

Mystery of cleansing leprosy

Actually there is a deep mystery in this story about the leprosy. Especially when it is now connected to the house and there is a possibility for active leprosy to affect the house. It must be something that we need to take heed of. And interestingly enough that the way of cleansing a house is so parallel to the way of cleaning a person.

People of God 1-3

To be really kingdom minded people we need to know God’s mind concerning the characters that are supposed to be in the life of a man or of a woman of God. Also we sometimes read or hear expressions like „man of God“, „man of faith, „man of covenant“ and we need to examine these terms and understand the mind of God on them according to the bible. Usually the basic term among these terms is the „man of God“.

End Times and the Bride: 2015 Global Conference in Israel

The purpose of this overview is to help us be more prepared and equipped for the special ministry of these days in order to fulfil God’s purposes by preparing the way for His glorious coming. Is this biblical term, ‘the Bride’, exclusive to the New Testament? Who will be the Bride of Christ in the end times and what is her commission? Where do the Jews fit in the divine economy? What is the divine economy for our days? How can we practically live as a Bride of Christ?

Dwelling in Christ

What makes a difference from one person to another, is his realization and perception of how he is abiding in Christ. Sometimes we start our life in Christ, and then we focus on certain spiritual talks that will help us grow in our spiritual life. Or we get preoccupied with various ministries or the work of the kingdom of God. And, all these of course, are important things. But amid all these many preoccupations, sometimes our fellowship with Christ becomes a separate item. What is really in my heart, that I want to share with you, is how Jesus becomes the focus and the centre, of our lives every single day. And how to make Jesus the centre when I am praying, and when I am not praying, when I am ministering and when I am not ministering. We need to learn how to make Jesus always present, and never absent, not even for a single moment.

The Eastern and Western Church

Division was the sin of the church. When the church was divided in different denominations, they lost a lot. And every denomination was only left with a part of the truth. So I think one of the purposes of God in the End Times is to bring these lost parts together. Not necessarily bringing the church into unity but bringing the different lost parts of the truth together, so that we can see the full truth. And truth sets us free.

Men of wondrous sign for their generation

Usually we maintain that all the charges and accusations against the children of God are nullified in Christ and in His cross. This is really true but it is not the full truth. It is only part of the truth. Let us look at the correct biblical truth in this respect. Of course this means that we will check some of the references to understand the whole truth regarding this very important issue. In Revelation 12:10 we read that the accuser accuses the children of God day and night.

A man who stands in the gap 1-2

I know that we are more or less familiar with the term „a man who stands in the gap“ as a biblical principle but we may have not entered into all the depth and dynamics of this term. It is an important calling and it is clear that God is searching to find such a man. And when He says that He has found no one we can see that it is not easy to get into that office of that calling, despite its utmost importance for the church, especially in this generation. We are going to understand how can God call a person to that office.

Sanctification of the Soul

God puts His hands on holy hands. God’s holy Hands cannot draw near unclean hands. Therefore, the Psalms numerously refer to ‘he who has clean hands and a pure heart’ (Psalm 24: 4); and also: ‘I will wash my hands in innocence; so I will go about Your altar, O Lord’ (Psalm 26: 6). The hands are the channel of giving. In the spirit, our hands are seen as unclean and unholy; therefore, God’s hand is hindered and is not able to come close to our hands, be placed over them and bless the labour of our hands. This does not mean that we are required to have a level of holiness which is only attainable by those who are totally set apart for prayer. Holiness has different infinite levels. Yet, God requests from each person the level of holiness which is in accordance to his spiritual stature and measure of grace.

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