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My Bridegroom Incarnated for Me: Beholding God’s Glory

This book provides a deep biblical understanding of the topic of God’s glory which we are called to, as the apostles Paul and Peter highlighted (2 Thessalonians 2:13, 14; 1 Peter 5:10, 11). Why does man seek the glory of God? Why did Jesus pray that we would be given this glory? Why was Jesus […]

The infilling of the spirit

If we understand the meaning of these names or titles of the Holy Spirit, we would perceive their great importance. This is because without the work of the Holy Spirit, we cannot acquire any Christian virtue; and hence, our spiritual growth would stop and our transformation into the image of Christ would stop as well.

Prayer – Important Highlights of the Prayer Life

It is true that we still hear about God’s great work through His faithful servants here and there. However, we are at a time that requires a lot of discernment so that we may not be deceived. There are some big manifestations in certain ministries; yet, they might include some fleshly enthusiasm or falseness even if this was unintentional. There are some other manifestations of the work of the Lord with His faithful servants which are genuine; and these encourage our faith so that we may move forward and refrain from the negativity or superficiality.

Jesus in His Passion Week

What was the main purpose that Jesus had when He entered Jerusalem? It was the Cross. What made Jesus want to fulfil this purpose? It is because this is the will of the Father. Jesus is the Son of the Father; and He wanted to please the Father: ‘for I always do those things that please Him’ (John 8: 29). If the Cross was a purpose in itself, it could have been difficult. Yet, what made the Cross become easy for Christ is that He was doing it for the sake of the Father and He did it with pleasure

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